2 step verification gmail by using backup codes

2 step verification gmail backup codes
2 step verification gmail by using backup codes
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Google 2 step verification Gmail by using backup codes

You have known 2 step verification for your gmail account in the previous article, but in case you lose your phone or can not receive a verification code from SMS, Google Authenticator or voice call. You can use 2 step verification gmail backup codes backup to identify you.

You can take theses codes from your account dashboard and were offered in the first time when you have finished setting up 2 step verification gmail. You can also use the code to connect if without a safety lock.

The codes appears as a series of 10 and you can create a new group of code at any time, automatically disable the old group code. After using a backup code to log in, the code will be deactivated.

2 step verification gmail backup codes

We recommend you store your code where you keep other valuables. As the code on your phone, backup codes are only valid for those who try to steal your password. In below guidelines, I will show you a often way 2 step verification backup codes for your gmail.

I. Create and view a series of backup codes of Gmail account

First of all for 2 step verification gmail backup codes, you need to create a new backup codes for your gmail

Step 1: Log into your gmail account at this link: https://www.google.com/accounts/SmsAuthConfig

Step 2: Search for phrases words “Printable backup codes”.

Step 3: Click Show/generate codes

Step 4: If you see the use of existing redundant code group is fine, you can download or print the code. If you think this code group can be stolen or you have to use multiple backup codes, you can create a new code group by clicking Generate new codes.

Note: You can not find the backup codes you have downloaded? You need to search for “backup-username.txt codes” in the computer by your username. If your user name is google456, search “Backup google456.txt-codes”.

II. Login to your Gmail account

When you have had your backup code, the next stage 2 step verification gmail you can access to Gmail account easily.

Step 1: Find your backup codes. 2 step verification gmail backup codes

Step 2: Go to the login page of Google services you want to use (eg Gmail)

2 step verification gmail backup codes

Step 3:Type your user name and password.

Step 4: In this step, you need type your backup code you have had above in the box next to the phone icon where you would normally type your verification code. 2 step verification gmail backup codes

Step 5: Optional: For each code can be  used once, you can mark the code is already in use.

Thanks for reading for this article “2 step verification Gmail backup codes”, I hope it is useful for you!

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