Create a signature on gmail account

Create a signature on gmail account
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Gmail signature (create a signature on gmail account) is very useful in your gmail account, when you send an email message with your signature to the message, it looks more professional. You may have quesioned how some people do like that; always having that sign professional in all email messages. No worries: it is simple.

Signature on Gmail allow you to customize your signature as you want. You can add images, customize text or include links. It offers a very good way to appear professional and promote your services to include this important information in your signature.

Create a signature on gmail account with 5 simple steps

You have known important of gmail signature, then i will show you the way to create signature gmail account with only 5 simple steps.

Step 1: First of all for create a signature on gmail, you need log into your Gmail account (Sign in your gmail) using the email address to which you want to add a signature, and click the gear icon in the top right area of ​​your Gmail window. Select the “Settings” option on the menu that appears.Connect multi gmail 1

Step 2: the next step, on the appearing page, with the “General” tab is selected in the horizontal menu at the top, scroll down the “Signature” section.

Step 3: Add the signature to gmail you want to add in the text box supplied. In the text box, you can use the above format options to give your signature kind of style you want. If you have a website, and you can add a link to it. You can click on the Add an image to insert a picture in your Gmail signature.Gmail Sign in: Add signature

Step 4: Check the box below the text box so your signature can be inserted into your message above the cited responses. This ensures that your signature comes right after your message, not the bottom of the message and the replies.

Step 5: In the last step for create signature on gmail, you can go to the bottom of the page and click “Save Changes” and You’ve done

Can users  create many signatures?

In some cases. users can create only one signature for each email address. However, if you add multiple email addresses to your account via Gmail Settings set> Whereclause, you can create a unique signature for each From address (using the Signaturedrop-down menu on the parameters set> General tab).

Also, if you enable Gmail Labs for your domain, you can use the Canned Responses Lab to save and send common messages (each containing a different signature).

For example, using a signature in your company and a different signature externally, you can create two different Canned Responses. You then use the Canned responses drop down on the Compose Message form to insert the appropriate signature.

Congratulations! you have completed to create signature gmail with 5 simple step, I hope that it is  useful for you!

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