How to create free website with Google Sites

How to create free website with Google Sites
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A few days ago, Google released a new version of the Google Sites Tools. It has a brand new interface and so many good features. The work of creating a simple website using Google Sites are more easier now. With a beautiful interface and good UI, you can create website without any programing skill needed.

What’s new with Google Sites new version?

  • Drag and Drop – In the Google Sites old version; basic menus is the only way to edit elements. Some editing can be done throught a pop-up windows. It’s not convenience with the one without programing knowledge. In the new Google Sites version, you can simply drag and drop the favorite elements to the place you want to make it visible on your website. Each element have it own properties and you can modify them by click direct on to the element to edit it (include resize and rearrange element).
  • Real-time Collaboration / Multi users – If you were working with Google Docs, you may known about this feature. Instead of locking page for single user to edit, you can now have multi users editing a single page at once. At the editing time, multi users can work  together, Google Sites will show what an user is editing and let you decide what to edit.
  • Responsive – With the new version of Google Site, Responsive is very simple; you can create a website that beautiful on desktop and also fit on table or mobile
  • External resources – Linking to other Google products is very simple, your website can now connect and show other Google Products as:
    • Google Driver
    • Embeds resource: Youtube, Calendar, Map
    • Google Docs: Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Charts

Now you may ask a question such as “How to create a website with Google Sites?”

Follow this tutorial will show you how to create a website using Google Sites new version

  1.  Navigate to Google Sites page here

    Navigate to Google Sites page

    Navigate to Google Sites page

  2. Click on New Google Sites link if you are in old version of Google Sites
  3. Click on red plus button to start a new site
  4. The sample page appear, you can now edit to create your own site
  5. Some things you need to pay attention
    1. Main page / Designer section
      google-site-main-page-mailtips-infoDesign section include these tools:

      • Site name: Let you naming your site, it will be the name of your site and appear in the header section
      • Undo button: If you make change on your page, you can roll back to previous revision by simply click on undo button
      • Redo button: After undo, you can redo to get the change back to your site
      • Preview: View your site in action, test site appearance before publish it
      • Add people: You can manage the peoples who can make change to current site
      • Publish: Use to set site url and publish it
      • More button: include: Set Google analytics tracking id, send feedback, help and a quick tour show you how to use editor
    2. Sidebar section
      Sidebar include design items, page manager and color and font setting divided into three tabs as the picture bellow
      goosle-sites-sitebar-mailtips+ Insert tab: include insertable widget and external resource available for your site
      + Pages tab: Your site may have multi page such as: Home, about, contact. Since you want to have multi page site, this tab with help you manage them
      + Themes tab: You want your site has a difference look, a personal color schema? Google know that, so they make a tab called Themes. In this tab you can customize site color , font and as a result your site will look difference

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