Gmail Sign In – How to login to Gmail account

Gmail Sign In – How to login to Gmail account
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As i mentioned in the first blog post (Gmail Sign Up), Gmail is the most popular email service. So it’s certainly understandable that many peoples has owned at least one account. However, not 100% peoples know how to do Gmail Sign In ( or Login to Gmail ) in right and secure way. In this post we will talk every things about Gmail Login, include these sections:

  • Gmail Sign In – Basic concept (1)
  • Multi Gmail Account in one browser (2)
  • Using Gmail account to login with other website ( include Google services and external system ) (3)
  • How to secure logout with Gmail account (4)

Before starting with first section in Gmail Sign In tutorial

May be you are wondering why do i write so basic tutorial? If that, so you are asking right question. This post include every things you need to pay attention or every things you need to know to get the best experience with Gmail.

If you haven’t owned any Gmail Account; create one first, you can read my post to easy create Gmail account

If you already have a gmail account, let’s starting the tutorial now!

Gmail Sign In – Basic concept 

Gmail Sign In is very simple as many regular web services. You can go to directly or if you are using Chrome Browser or is your browser home page, click Google Apps Button ( Top -Right) then click Gmail Icon

Gmail Sign Up - Navigate to From Google Apps Menu

Gmail Sign Inp – Navigate to From Google Apps Menu

Then you will be navigated to the following page. At this page, enter your username (or your gmail adress) then click Next button

Gmail Sign In - enter username

Gmail Sign In – enter username

After click on Next button, you will get this screen

Gmail Sign In - Pasword and options

Gmail Sign In – Pasword and options

You can see in above picture, i had marked 7 areas with red rectange; so it mean there are 7 things you need to pay attention at this page. Now let find out what are they?

  • (1) Back button: When you press this image button, the page will  be turned back to Username page (where you can change your username for login )
  • (2) This is your email avatar: Gmail will automaticly show your email avatar here, you can use it to check if you are logging with right username
  • (3) Your current login username
    You can use factors (2) and (3) to check if you are usgin right or wrong username to login
  • (4) Your email password. This password is string you used to secure your account; it was set when you create gmail account. You must enter your password to sign in your gmail account
  • (5) When you check this checkbox, Gmail will save your sign in session for the next time you back to gmail (the next time you won’t have to enter your password). If you are sign in gmail in your personal computer or mobile phone and you can ensure that nobody can access your device, so you can check this checkbox. If you have to do Gmail sign in  with unsafe device (public computer, friend’s laptop…) so you shouldn’t check.
  • (6) Forgot password: In case you cannot remember your password, and you had set your recovery phone or recovery email. You can click on Forgot password link to reset your gmail password. Read my post on How to recover your Gmail password
  • (7) The same as back button (1)

After enter your Gmail password, click Sign In to start login with Gmail. If your username and password were corectly, Gmail will direct you to your account Inbox page. If your informations were wrong, Gmail will alert you with a red message.


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  4. My question is. How do I get gmail to remember my preferred login information? Currently it is defaulting to show a throwaway login username and I cannot get it to default to my preferred info. As a matter of fact, it does not even have my preferred login info showing in my drop down list of usernames, a username I’ve had since joining gmail and have used for years. How can I get it to default to my preferred info?


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