Sync google calendar with android phone

Sync google calendar with android phone
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Sync google calendar help you use gmail on your phone easier, example you have a phone with android symterm, you will search how to sync google calendar with android. In this subject, I will show you 2 way sync with Google Calendar by bookeo.

2 way to sync google calendar with android phone

For all Android devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) is automatically synchronized with your Google account, but with android phone not like other. You will need some skills for sync google calendar with android phone easy.


Bookeo Events Calendar (Google Calendar in gray) Google Calendar (put Bookeo blue) 

Step 1-2 Enable Sync routes
1. Click Account at the top right of your account Bookeo.

2. Click on the  Google Calendar Sync

3.Danh box Enable 2-way synchronization 

4. Google will notify you that access request Bookeo to your Google account to manage your calendar. 5. Click the Accept button.

Step 2 – Configuring Google Calendar Sync Bookeo
1. In Calendar Bookeo> Google  part:

  • check the box next to the Bookeo calendar (s) [1]  you want to sync with your Google Calendar
  • to move from the dropdown menu, select Google Calendar [2]  where you want to send your set Bookeo.

2. In the workshop Group sections:

  • check the Sync drum workshop [3]  if you wan to synchronize classes / tours / workshops without reservations
  • in the scroll down menu [4], choose whether to synchronize only detailed main or, if you want to synchronize all the details of each booking. Please note that  booking options are included in the Google calendar Sync, but not custom fields to customers.

Step 3 – Set up Google Calendar Sync to synchronize Bookeo


1.  Calendar Bookeo-> Google  hand, to move from the dropdown menu, select the  calendar (s) Google  [5]  you want to sync with your Bookeo Calendar (s)  [6]

2. Gap  part, [7] to move the dropdown menu, select:

  • do not leave a space blank, if you do not want to leave a space before and after the event was imported from Google Calendar and appointments Bookeo
  • the duration of the distance you want to leave before and after the event was imported from Google Calendar and appointments Bookeo

Read access is needed to display the calendar set Bookeo. Read and write access is necessary for the synchronization of Google Calendar to Bookeo. Click here for more information about reading and literacy.

Step 4 – Make your new Google calendar

The first time you ask Bookeo to create a new calendar in your account, you must click the  Refresh  link at the top right of Google Calendar to see.

  • Bookeo your calendar will be displayed in  my calendar  in Google Calendar.


  • Bookeo will automatically import events from Google Agenda.Ces events will prevent your availability to book.
  • Bookeo be  a utomatically  update your Google Calendar with your Bookeo reservations when they are created, modified or canceled. Since Google Calendar does not display real-time updates like Gmail, it may take some time to cool off, if you have your windows open Google Calendar and you do not see the new event by Bookeo, refresh your Google window Calendar by clicking the  Refresh  link back.

How to change your game Bookeo

If you change the game Bookeo Google Calendar, this change will not be returned Bookeo.

You should always change your place in Bookeo Bookeo because Bookeo check scheduling conflicts, while Google Calendar is not.

Events are imported to Google Calendar 

Only events that are displayed as busy in Google Calendar will be imported. Other events (like birthdays) will not be considered xet.De check whether an event will be imported from your Google Calendar: 1. Click the event 2. Click the Edit Event Details 3.Let see me through, check the Busy option is selected


You should always change your Google Calendar events in Google Calendar.Bookeo will not allow you to change the event you created in Google Calendar in Bookeo, because you may have received an invitation from friends or colleagues.

Synchronization time

Bookeo automatically read the Google calendar changes every 15 minutes.
To manually force a sync your Google Calendar Bookeo calendar, just click the Sync button in the lower right corner of your Bookeo calendar.

Remember: this is optional! If you press the button, the events will be read from Google Calendar every 15 minutes.

All times Calendar

The time zone Bookeo account can be defined in Settings> Settings area area.

To set the time zone for your Google Calendar (for calendar may have its own time zone): 1. Move your mouse next to the calendar name

2. Click the arrow to open the menu 3. Click

Settings Calendar.

Make sure that you put in the time zone is the same time zone Bookeo use in your Google Calendar – otherwise you will see your appointments to inaccurate moments!

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